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Welcome to KELAB GOLF DIRAJA PAHANG (“KGDP”) QiSoft@Club Mobile Device Application
(“QiSoft@Club”).The Terms and Conditions stated below applies to all Club members, their
spouse and children below 20 years old and of QiSoft@Club. You are bound by these terms and conditions if you’re on QiSoft@Club.

1. Kelab Golf DiRaja Pahang will post updates about the Club activities through our Social Media
‘Facebook’ (“Rpgc Kuantan Facebook Page”) and on QiSoft@Club.

Contents &Notices on QiSoft@Club
2. Unless otherwise stated, all materials, including images, illustrations, designs, icons,
photographs, video clips, and written and other materials that appear in Rpgc Kuantan Facebook
page and QiSoft@Club, belongs to KGDP unless otherwise stated. Members might share it to
others for the purpose of promotion only.

Purchase, Payments and Credit Limit
3. All purchase of food & beverages and merchandise are subject to availability. KGDP retains
the discretion to decline the members’ order in the event such product is unavailable or for any other reasons.

4. Upon successful processing of your purchase, you will be issued with physical bill from KGDP
counter and you may verify the accuracy of your bill displayed in QiSoft@Club as soon as the purchase is successful.

5. All members who has paid Security Deposit of RM 700.00 will enjoy credit limit up to RM 700.00 per month.

6. All outstanding account must be paid in full no later than the last day of the respective months
to ensure smooth billing and purchase in the following new month.

7. KGDP reserves its right to change the prices of our food & beverages, merchandise and other
items from time to time without prior notice.

Online Payment Transaction
8. Registered members, spouse and their children below 21 of age are required to download the
QiSoft@Club and fill in all particulars such as full name. NRIC number to be the same as those
in the club’s record. If unsure, members are requested to check with KGDP office to update their particulars.

9. When making payment using online transfer, members will receive official receipt immediately
through QiSoft@Club when the transfer is successful. Alternatively, members can request for physical receipt from KGDP counter.

10. In the event members wish to seek a refund, request can be in writing to the Honorary
Treasurer of KGDP, stating the reason for seeking refund, date of payment actual amount paid for the KGDP’s consideration.

11. KGDP shall not be held liable for any loss and damage suffered by any members due to the
unauthorised use and any illegal access to QiSoft@Club either by members’ guest or any other persons.

12. Members shall report to KGDP immediately upon discovery of any suspecious, unauthorised
and/or illegal use of their QiSoft@Club account.

13. Confidentiality of the respective members’ username and password of their QiSoft@Club is strictly the sole responsibility of the respective members.

14. Members hereby agree to provide KGDP with accurate and updated information as required
by QiSoft@Club registration process and will likewise keep their information updated with KGDP at KGDP office.

15. As with member’s account and registration with KGDP, KGDP retains the right to disable any
member’s QiSoft@Club account , provided always KGDP will inform the member concerned
reason(s) of doing so within 14 days from their account or registration being disabled by KGDP.

16. KGDP retains the absolute discretion to amend by way of amendments, deletion or addition
to the terms and conditions of the usage of QiSoft@Club.

17. KGDP shall take action against any offender(s) for any misuse or violation of the terms and
conditions of QiSoft@Club.

18. The QiSoft@Club Mobile App is provided free of charge to members, their spouse and
children below 21 years old. KGDP makes no guarantee that the system will be uninterrupted,
accurate and/or error-free at all times. In additions, KGDP reserves the right to modify or
discontinue, temporarily or permanently all or any part of the QiSoft@Club without prior notice .

Comments and Feedbacks
19. All comments and feedbacks to KGDP shall be in writing by the members personally
,addressed to the Honorary Secretary and emailed to
20. Enquiries about QiSoft@Club may be made at KGDP Office or through telephone at
09-5675811 or 09-5675812 during office hour as below :-
Monday – Sunday ( 6.30 am to 6.30pm)

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