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  1. A Member is entitled to a maximum of 4 stickers.  The Club stickers are issued for identification purposes and do not confer upon vehicles bearing such stickers an automatic right of entry into the Club.
  2. Every application for a sticker must be made by the Member  by submitting to the Club a completed application form (in the form prescribed by the Club).
  3. Upon approval of any application, a Member shall be issued the stickers applied for only after he has paid such cost therefor  as may from time to time be determined by the Management Committee.
  4. A Member must collect his sticker (s) from the Club either personally or through a duly authorised representative.
  5. Members shall display the club stickers on the front windscreen of their vehicles for easy identification.
  6. Members are responsible for the safe custody of the stickers issued to them. These stickers must be returned to the Club without any refund of the cost:
    • when they dispose of their vehicle (s); or
    • when they cease to be members of the Club; or
    • Upon demand by the Club.
  7. The Club may at its absolute discretion refuse entry to the Club premises by any vehicle whether or not such vehicle bears a Club sticker.
  8. All vehicles permitted to enter the Club shall be parked in the respective designated lots or as directed by any Club employee or security personnel.  For clarity, car park lots designated as Management Committee lots are reserved for the President,  Deputy President, Vice-President, Captain and members of the Management Committee only.
  9. All drivers of any vehicles entering into the Club premises (whether bearing any Club stickers or otherwise) must obey these Bye-Laws, observe all rules of etiquette and accord due courtesy to Members and other visitors to the Club, not cause any obstruction to any party and comply with all such other regulations as may be enforced by the Club from time to time.
  10. Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to it including the right to take disciplinary action against any infringing Member, the Club may impose a fine of up to RM 50.00 for each instance of contravention, on any Member or other person who breaches any of these Bye-Laws or any other regulations as to parking or the control of any vehicle within the Club that may from time to time be in force.
  11. The Club shall not be liable under any circumstances to any person (including its members) for any personal injury or death or for any loss or damage of or to any vehicle, its accessories or contents or to any other property whatsoever while such vehicle is in any part of the Club’s premises.
  12. Changing of clothes at the car parks is strictly prohibited.
  13. Vehicles of those rendering services to the Club may be allowed in the Club premises for specific proposes only.
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