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Neelofer: Our chandelier gives our dining room a decidedly modern look. It makes a great statement, and I loving it.

Neelofer: I hesitated to select a sputnik style chandelier initially, because our neighborhood and culture is more traditional. But in the end I picked what I loved, and I think the room decor supports the look of the chandelier. The sputnik style chandelier gives the magnetic modern, retro, industrial vibe that I wanted in the space.

Neelofer: My biggest concern was that it wouldn’t fit our traditional neighborhood. But it fits with our overall dining room aesthetic, and also our main house aesthetic, and I think it would attract the right buyer if/when we ever decide to sell our home.

Neelofer: Think about the room’s aesthetic and what vibe you want to give. A beach vibe? Rustic farmhouse? Midcentury modern? Pick something fun that will make you smile each time you look in the room!


Agnes: The lighting that came with my rental felt very ‘temporary,’ but I wanted this space to feel like home (even if I’m only here for a few years). Updating to more substantial lighting really helped the space feel designed, as though I’m here to stay.

Agnes: I found this chandelier while shopping at a local antique market. I was drawn to the sparkle and the smaller scale, since my dining room is not huge. I’d been keeping an eye out for something vintage for a while, so I knew what I was after. The price was right as well.

Agnes: Both. I needed it to function and be bright enough as this space doubles as my home office, but I wanted it to be pretty enough for hosting dinner parties.

Agnes: I wouldn’t necessarily recommend vintage for the first time chandelier buyer, as the wiring can be old and repairs are often required, but you can find the same gorgeous vintage look when buying new. It doesn’t cost much to hire someone to install a chandelier if you don’t know how – safety first!.


Rahman: The chandelier highlights the tall ceilings and added interest to the simple lines of the apartment.

Rahman: I was looking for something with modern lines that would hold the space.

Rahman: Both, most chandeliers cast a very even multi directional light, so I knew it would function well in the space. I added a dimmer to give my client versatility in the amount of light. Good design is a marriage of beautiful and functional solutions.

Rahman: Go for it! Good lighting will transform your space. Also, hang your chandelier as low as is reasonably possible. It’s always sad to see a beautiful light hiding too close to the ceiling.

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